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Best possible detail about Episode Choose your story

Episode Choose your story is the best simulation game in the whole world. It is introduced by very famous studio Episode Interactive. The game is available free on both IOS and Android devices, but some items are purchasable. In it, you make own avatar and design outfits. The one of the best feature that read not only your story but also writes personal stories. Many stories are available like romance, heartbreak, mystery and many more. The game graphics make it very popular. If you have a favorite character, then you develop a relationship with them. All the stories are related to real life. It is the best opportunity for story lover because it is all based on stories.

Ultimate Features-

Every company gives an interesting feature to make their game famous. So today I tell you the best feature of Episode Choose your story.


The graphics play an important role in all game. With the help of graphics, the virtual world looks like the real world. The game supports high graphic. All the graphics make the game enjoyable. So the graphics are the important part of a game.

Avatar Customization-

In every game avatar is the main part. In the game, you can make own avatar as per your requirement. In other words, we say that if you want to create the avatar as per requirements like the style, dress and many other things. So it is the best feature given by the game which makes it very popular.

Million Stories-

It is all game based on stories. So many stories are available in it, and all the stories are based on real life. Many stories are available like romantic, heartbreak, mystery and many more. Some stories are open with the help of gem and passes. One of the best features is that you can make own stories and released it. If people like your story then it goes popular.


The currencies are the important part of the game. Via the currencies, you can unlock the many stories. You also dress-up the avatar with the help of coins. So the currencies play an important role in the game. Two types of currencies are available in it if you want get more easier by getting Episode Hack now. All the currency has different works. With the help of currencies, you can participate in the events. If you want to enter into tasks, then coins are also required.

  1. Gems- This is the first and essential currency.
  2. Passes