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Easy Homescapes Cheats

Easy Homescapes Cheats

Homescapes have earned much success within a short span. This article is about the cheats of homescapes that will help you to play the game like a pro. The game begins when Austin comes to his house and see that his parent’s house is falling apart. Then the game begins where you have to help him to restore the condition of the house. With the help of Homescapes cheats, you can easily regain the former glory. You will need some cheats as matching the puzzles in this game is not that easy?


If you have played gardenscapes, then this game will look similar to it. By solving each puzzle, you can restore the house.

Cheats for playing Homescapes

Paper planes: On this game, you have to match puzzles with special pieces three at a row or column. The rockets will get clear either vertically or horizontally, and there will be bombs which can clear the space around it. There is another special piece called as Paper plane. Paper planes will be created when will match any four pieces together either in a box formation or in a square. When the paper planes get activated, it will help you to reach the next objective. When you need any particular number of special pieces, it will help you to clear one piece. If there are any locked pieces, then it can break any one piece of it. You can easily carpet an area as it will find any uncarpeted area for you.

Rockets: These rocket pieces help to clear the rows and columns. They are required mostly for carpeting levels. Here in this game, you have to cover the board with the green carpet for clearing the levels and for spreading the carpet you have to match the pieces that are on it. If you have rockets in your store, then they will help to succeed in this level.

Boosters: The currency that is present in this game are the coins earned. You can use the coins for renovating or changing the furniture. Before you start the game purchase some boosters and whenever you are in trouble read more use it. As you don’t need to spend coins on other things hence, you can buy these boosters. If you are already near to clear any level and you run out of moves than you can spend 900 coins and earn 5 moves.

Moves: Try not to spend all your moves as the number of moves that will be left after every level will end up as the special pieces in your next challenge. It will be Homescapes Hack the rocket pieces, and you can also get bombs. After the explosion, you will get a huge number of coins as a bonus. So to avail the maximum bonus save your moves.

If you follow these simple rules or cheats, then you can easily master the game of homescapes. You can also research more on how to play tactfully to save more moves. Homescape is a simple but tricky game.…